Microsoft details updates coming to the WP7 platform

Microsoft is busy touting WP7 at CES 2011 and with that, has announced a few new updates to the platform. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer took the stage to say that more features are coming to the platform.  

Ballmer specicially states that "over the next few months we will be releasing a series of updates that will automatically be pushed out to our customers... the two most notable will be copy and paste and significant performance improvemeance when loading or switching between applicaitons". These updates will be coming out in Q1 as well as the completion of the process needed to bring WP7 to Verizon and Sprint.

While the exact dates were not released, it is a formal comitment by Ballmer to bring additional features to the platform. This is a good sign as it is a realatively quick turnaround for the end users who have asked for the new features. WP7 is Microsoft's latest push into the mobile marketplace, it has invested heavily in the platform and will continue to do so to claw back marketshare in an area it has fallen behind.

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