Microsoft Developer Unloads On The Vista Process

Perhaps it's convenient timing, or maybe he felt a bit braver now that Bill Gates is heading off to be a 21st century John D. Rockefeller.

Whatever the reason, a Microsoft employee really unloaded on his employer, and not in an anonymous blog, but on the company's own public developers site.

The posting, entitled The World As Best As I Remember It, comes from programmer Philip Su, a Windows programmer for the past five years before moving to the Tablet PC product division.

Su lays blame at the feet of Microsoft management for its confusing and multiple layers of bureaucracy, noting "...the largest software project in mankind's history now threatens to also be the longest."

Ask any developer in Windows why Vista is so late and they will say the code is way too complicated and that the pace of coding has been tremendously slowed down by an overbearing process, he wrote.

It takes a dual processor computer a full day to do a full build of Vista.

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