Microsoft Edge is now available for all iPhone users

Yesterday, Microsoft's Edge browser officially came out of beta on Android. The process of removing a beta tag isn't as simple on iOS though, since Apple doesn't allow beta apps in the App Store. Today though, Edge is official, as Microsoft formally announced today.

Interestingly though, while Edge for iOS is available, it very much still feels like an unfinished application. There's still no version for the iPad, even though that was something that was promised. It also doesn't scale for the iPhone X's 19.5:9 display yet.

The idea behind Edge on iOS and Android is better continuity with your Windows 10 PC. With Roaming Passwords, you can save a password on one device and it "follows you" to the other. Naturally, your Favorites are synced as well, and you get other Edge features like Reading List, Reading View, and dark theme.

Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in the following languages and markets: United States (English), China (Simplified-Chinese), France (French) and the UK (English). You can find it on the App Store here.

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