The Old Spice guy shows off WP7, sensually

Microsoft is throwing all they've got at the launch of Windows Phone 7 today, with very famous celebrities such as Stephen Fry being employed to talk about Windows Phone. Now, Microsoft has gotten Isaiah Mustafa -- "The Old Spice Guy" -- to plug their new phone.

We knew he was heading down under, but he's now there and advertising the phone as much as he can. In this hilarious radio interview, Isaiah shows off the device Microsoft gave him, but managed to do so hilariously, and while keeping his character. Hilarious quotes include "You have such big hands" and "Would you like me to scroll lower?"

To watch the interview in it's entirety, head over to Nova FM, the radio station who hosted him today.

As Windows Phone 7 launches across the world today, starting in New Zealand with the first phone sold in the world, followed by the Australia and Europe, Microsoft is going head on into an intense phone platform battle, where the company has been lagging behind for many years.

Neowin has extensive coverage on Windows Phone 7, be sure to check out our hands on review of the Smartphone platform.

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