Microsoft: Entourage Update and SharePoint on the Mac

Macworld reports that Microsoft has planned to release an update for Entourage later this January as a public beta in which Entourage is going to get some important updates behind the scenes. Microsoft has decided to stop using the WebDAV protocol and use Exchange Web Services for better compatibility and performance. The final update is expected to be later this year.

Another surprising information is that Microsoft is bringing SharePoint on the Mac using a new application called - Document Collaboration Companion to work with various SharePoint products and technologies and Office Live Workspace applications. With the help of this application, users would now be able to use document versioning, download & upload of documents and other usual SharePoint features. A private beta is expected this February and a final release later this year.

This seems to be a very important move from the Mac Business Unit(MacBU) which would make things easier for the Mac users to work with their Windows counterparts.

With all the hype around iWork'09 going web, It would be ideal to see Apple also follow a similar path wherein they introduce document collaboration to iWork.

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