Microsoft exec says consumers won't know about Playstation 4 launch

Everybody in the industry is expecting Sony to unveil their next generation Playstation 4 console next week on the 20th. However regional Xbox executive, Jon Grimes, says such a reveal will have a very limited impact with consumers.

In an interview with MCV about the Xbox's dominance in the UK market Grimes mentions that next week's reveal, if indeed it does happen, will definitely be important for the industry but not for the users. "Whatever get announced on February 20th, the majority of UK consumers won't know," Grimes said.

Grimes doesn't reveal anything about Microsoft's upcoming Xbox launch but he does state that "what has got us to where we are today is not going to be what gets us through the next ten years. Now we've also got to start from scratch when thinking about the future. Driving creativity, whether around the marketing, retail or new business models, is key for us."

He then goes on to add: "our job is not to get lost in the industry chatter, but to ensure  that the consumers going into stores, going online, still experience Xbox. The announcement is important to the industry, but it is also important to remember who is buying right now".

Grimes is obviously referring to Xbox sales post Playstation 4 announcement, especially as Microsoft seems poised to delay the new Xbox untill the PS4 hype dies down. However, his statements might also point towards a huge marketing blitz that Microsoft might have planned once the new console is finally delivered. Of course we're wondering what "marketing creativity" may refer to but we're guessing we saw a glimpse of it when we think back to Microsoft's Halo 4 launch event.

Source: MCV Via: VG247

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