Microsoft expands Bing Tags to show up in more search results

Microsoft wants to make searching for a specific person on Bing easier by letting folks "tag" specific websites they might want to feature in those search strings. The company introduced this feature in the search engine in February 2012 with Bing Linked Pages. However, you need to have a Facebook account in order for this to work and the tagged websites were only visible to yourself and your Facebook friends on Bing.

Microsoft quietly renamed Bing Linked Pages to the new Bing Tags in December. Today, the company announced an expansion of Bing Tags "to a broader audience." Basically, your tagged pages will now appear to anyone who searches for you in Bing, instead of being limited to yourself and your Facebook friends.

Microsoft says you can also choose to tag websites so that they are associated with a particular friend. Your friend will still need to approve those associations, so don't worry if you are afraid someone might tag a website to you that might not be to your liking. The blog post added, " ... if you’re an existing Bing Tags user, don’t worry. Your tags are only visible to friends until you approve and make them public."

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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