Microsoft explains why its Lumia 635 pre-order page disappeared

A couple of days ago, opened pre-orders for the Lumia 635, the 4G version of the new low-cost Lumia 630 Windows Phone. The site listed prices in the US of just $99 off-contract for the device with AT&T, and $129 with T-Mobile. But the following day, the pre-order listings vanished, and there was no mention of the 635 to be found anywhere on the site.

Today, Microsoft told us that the reason the pre-order pages were removed was because they contained inaccurate information. Reading between the lines, it seems that they may also have been posted prematurely. In a statement to Neowin, a Microsoft spokesperson explained:

Recently a Nokia Lumia 635 pre-order offer for AT&T and T-Mobile customers was published on the Microsoft Store, and was subsequently removed as it included inaccurate information. We expect pricing and availability for the Lumia 635 to be announced by our U.S. carrier partners at a later time.  

Customers who placed a pre-order on the Microsoft Store have not been charged. As with all Microsoft Store pre-orders, the customer is not charged until a device is available and only upon shipment.

The spokesperson did not elaborate further on exactly which details were inaccurate, but our best guess would be the pricing. The company recently announced that the Lumia 635 would shortly be going on sale in markets around the world priced at around $189 before taxes and subsidies, so the erroneous $99 price quoted for the AT&T model would have been well below that guideline.

If you’re hoping to pick up the new entry-level 4G Windows Phone in the US, you’ll have to keep waiting for now – but we’ll be sure to let you know here on Neowin when it becomes available.

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