Microsoft files patent for a 'Dual Display Device' with an e-paper display

Rumors of Microsoft's highly-anticipated "Surface Phone" have been flowing around for quite some time now. It's expected that the premium device will be shown off either late this year or the next.

Last week, a patent for a "hinged display" filed by Microsoft raised questions regarding its inclusion in the purported handset. Now, another patent has surfaced online, in which the company has filed for a "dual display device".

The patent filing notes that the device boasts an emissive display as well as an electronic paper one. It goes on to suggest that:

The electronic paper is used for rendering visually static user inputs and controls. Also disclosed are an emissive display device, comprising an electronic display device, and an emissive display device.

It is important to note that the filing was made in September 2016, and it's nearly impossible to determine whether Microsoft is considering a dual display for the rumored Surface Phone or for some other device.

That said, this is speculation, of course, as patents simply indicate one of the several courses a company may be taking for a product. While this patent may not necessarily mean that Microsoft is looking into dual displays for its upcoming devices, it does indicate that the company is exploring its options.

Source: Patentscope via MSPoweruser

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