Microsoft Flight Simulator - A Century of Flight Announced

Thanks Bink for this. How do you celebrate 100 years of aviation history? Release a new flight simulator game, of course

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight, the newest title in the ongoing series that cunningly ties in with the 100th anniversary of powered flight. It also, even more cunningly, celebrates Microsoft's "20 years of developing and perfecting computer flight simulation." Awesome.

A Century of Flight, not surprisingly, allows aviation nuts to get seated in the cockpit of numerous historic aircraft. Charles Lindbergh's Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis," the Douglas DC-3 and the world's first successful powered aircraft, the Wright Flyer, are just a few examples of 24 planes that will be available to take through the skies.

Along with the array of new aircraft, A Century of Flight will include plenty of interactive multimedia, providing a wealth of information on aviation history, planes, and the pilots who flew them. And there'll also be graphical updates, a dynamic weather system, improved Air Traffic Control functions and 3-D interactive cockpits.

Hang on! 3-D interactive cockpits? Excuse me, I'm just off to buff my propeller shaft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight is scheduled for release in July.

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