Microsoft goes unemotional on Linux

Having called Linux and open source software a cancer, un-American, and bankrupt, Microsoft now plans to focus on facts instead of emotions, the company's competitive strategist said Thursday. "There were some emotional statements made before; we're now on a direction to talk about the facts," said Martin Taylor, who as the company's general manager of platform strategy drives Microsoft's thinking when it comes to Linux and other open-source products. Taylor was appointed to the job two weeks ago.

It took a few years, but Microsoft now appears to have changed its tactics in its battle with Linux. "It is not a religious discussion, it is a business model discussion," Taylor said "We kind of defaulted [to emotion] because we could not think about Linux in the right way." At a large Microsoft meeting in New Orleans a few weeks ago, Taylor and Kevin Johnson, who heads up worldwide sales and marketing at Microsoft, told the company's sales force that Microsoft wants to have "fact-based conversations, not emotional conversations" about Linux and open source, Taylor said.

News source: InfoWorld

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