Microsoft good at fighting viruses (?)

SOFTWARE FIRM Microsoft is jolly good at fighting viruses but only if users remember to switch on their Update function, claimed chief software architect Bill Gates, yesterday. Gates, who made the claim while in Australia for a charity launch, said that Vole was cutting the time it takes to fight viruses but needs personal computer users to turn on their auto-updating features to help it combat attacks.

According to the Associated Press, Gates pledged to make the average time to fix a problem will continue to come down. However, he said that the poor Vole was faced with the difficulty that people would not turn on auto-update. If they did, not only would their PCs work efficiently but they'd also be protected from the evil virus makers. We assume Gates meant that this was provided they also had firewalls and up-to-date virus scanning software too. Clearly Gates has not heard that users of Update complain that it is slower than a snail with asthma.

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