Microsoft grabs over 20 percent of US desktop search market as Bing continues to grow

It's fairly common these days for people to assume that 'everyone' uses Google to search for stuff on the web - and in some parts of the world, that's very nearly the case, with its share of the search market exceeding 90% in some countries. But in the US, things are a bit different - Google still leads the market by some distance, but its biggest rival continues to chip away at its lead.

The latest data from industry analysts comScore show that Google's share of US desktop searches dipped very slightly, by 0.1 percentage points (pp), to 64.4% in March 2015. But Microsoft's Bing search engine gained 0.3pp during the same period, pushing it up to 20.1% share of the market.

When you add Yahoo to the mix - which serves up results and ads from Bing - the effective reach of Microsoft's search platform adds up to 32.8%, almost a third of the US desktop search market. Yahoo and Microsoft announced yesterday that they have renewed their search partnership, albeit with a few significant changes.

Bing is now a deeply integrated part of the Windows operating systems, and with Windows 10 due to roll out as a free upgrade to hundreds of millions of PCs this summer, its potential for further growth is obvious.

Source: comScore via Search Engine Land

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