Microsoft has acquired Perceptive Pixel, 82in touchscreen shown off

Microsoft has announced that it acquired Perceptive Pixel to help build large-scale touchscreen devices. The acquisition was announced today at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference and showed off an 82in touchscreen device to highlight the technology.

By using Windows 8 on a massive screen size such as an 82in device that supports stylus and touch input, this will bridge new opportunities in the corporate environment. The technology will help make Windows products fast and fluid on the large scale and as Steve says, is "fairly revolutionary" to create devices in this size. 

The 82in touchscreen worked much like a small-scale device but allows for unique interactive experiences and offers wide versatility in the office setting. The goal is to bring devices like this to every office and classroom around the world. Steve Ballmer already has one of these devices in his office and he states that it has changed how he operates and gets things done. 

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