Microsoft has added a nifty little feature to Windows 10: screen recording

Microsoft has been working on integrating more and more gaming functionality in Windows 10 as it seeks to once again prioritize PC gaming. One result of this was the inclusion of the Xbox App on Windows, which allows you to connect to the Xbox Live network, among other things.

One of its biggest features was Game DVR, bringing with it the ability to capture snippets of gameplay. It seems now that the same functionality can be used outside of games, giving you the option to capture your screen when using any app.

The function has been tested and works with any app, but only within apps; you can't record your desktop and need an application open for the screen capture to work. All you have to do is press 'Windows + G', which brings up a toolbar that allows you to both take a screenshot or capture video, saving you a bit of money on professional screen capture software like Camtasia. Granted, the Windows 10 implementation is much more barebones than the professional suite but for those who want a simple solution, the free function doesn't hurt.

You're restricted to 1080p and need to have an app open but that's about it. Also, there's a minimum hardware spec: Intel HD graphics 4000, GeForce 600/800M or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series. Saved recordings will show up in the Videos/Captures folder - or can be accessed using the Xbox app, where you can also perform basic edits like trim.

Via: TechAu

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