Microsoft helps with making HTML5-based custom sneaker website

Microsoft has jumped in to assist website designers with creating pages that work well with its Internet Explorer browser, particularly IE10, in the past few months. In October, it helped the makers of the game Contre Jour bring that game to the HTML5 platform. Today, the company announced yet another collaboration that has resulted in a site that allows anyone to create the sneaker of their dreams.

The official Internet Explorer blog states that Microsoft was inspired by the success of PMK Customs, which has created sneakers that have been bought and shown off by celebrities such as Jay-Z. The blog post says Microsoft "saw an opportunity to use HTML5 and touch functionality to strengthen their website and make an experience that’s easier for their customers to use."

The result is PMK Design Labs, which lets anyone make their own custom sneaker with a variety of options. Microsoft said they wanted to show that even small businesses such as PMK Customs can benefit from high-end interactive website design, which can be made with little cost.

Microsoft added:

While PMK Customs started as a basic Wordpress site, the revamped site, which includes PMK Design Labs, features next-generation web technologies like HTML5, multi-touch gestures, an adaptive design layout that adjusts to screen size, Windows 8 features such as site pinning and snap view, and performance optimization for low-power tablets running ARM processors, like Surface RT.

The PMK Customs website goes into more detail about what kind of HTLM5 features PMK Design Labs uses. For example, the site says, "The HTML5 video tag allowed us to create and animated background to enhance the dynamic and cool feeling of the website."

Source: Internet Explorer blog | Image via PMK Customs

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