Microsoft hints at rewards for Xbox Live Achievements

Microsoft was smart in coming up with the Xbox Live Achievements feature for Xbox 360 games. The idea of games having a number of goals to reach that could add to an Xbox 360's overall Gamerscore was pretty brilliant. Indeed, many gamers consider Xbox Live Achievements to be as important as the games themselves.

At the moment, Xbox 360 gamers could only increase their Gamerscore ranking as they obtained Xbox Live Achievements. But will they soon be able to get something more? That's what the official Xbox Live Rewards Twitter page seems to state. The message states, "Coming Fall: a new way to earn Rewards based on your Achievements!"

Xbox Live Rewards is a system that Microsoft launched a couple of years ago that was based on purchases of Xbox 360 content. Basically, you could earn Microsoft points if you renewed your Xbox Live Gold subscription. You could also earn points by purchasing Xbox Live content like games, DLC, movies and more.

With this new reveal, it appears that simply playing games and obtaining Xbox Live Achievements could also earn players more Microsoft points. You can bet that a lot of Xbox 360 gamers will be looking to become "achievement hogs" in the near future:

Source: Xbox Live Rewards Twitter page

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