Microsoft hires man who made his own Microsoft product logos

In the summer of 2012, freelance designer Andrew Kim got a lot of Internet attention when he posted some of his own logo ideas for Microsoft products. His creations were based on Microsoft's own Windows 8 logo, which the company unveiled earlier that year.

Now, Kim's work has netted him a job at Microsoft. In a post on his Minimally Minimal blog this weekend, Kim confirmed that he will be officially working with Microsoft starting sometime later this summer, specifically for a project in the company's Xbox division. Oddly, the logos he made on his own did not include any Xbox-related designs.

Kim said that had been approached by a number of major companies over the past several months to work for them since he released his alt-Microsoft labels. He added:

But when it came time to make my final decision, I wanted to work at a place I can really get excited about. Working at a company is like getting married, it becomes a fundamental part of your life. I want to work with awesome people on awesome projects that I can get excited about. If you’ve been watching Microsoft over the past year, it’s been exciting, regardless of what your ecosystem preference is.

Naturally, Kim could not give details on what he will be working on, but did promise "I’ll make the my greatest work ever while I'm there." He also confirmed that a previously announced collaboration with Microsoft is going to remain secret since Microsoft has acquired the project's IP.

Source:  Minimally Minimal via The Verge | Image via Andrew Kim

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