Microsoft hits back, launches PC vs Mac site

Microsoft has added a new section to their Windows 7 website entitled "PC vs Mac", which for the first time hits back at Apple's barrage of campaigns against the company.

While many thought Microsoft would never respond to the campaigns -- including the popular "Get a Mac" ads by Apple which came to an end a couple of months ago -- it seems the company has finally decided (after the "I'm a PC" ads) that it's time to take Apple on, launching an informative website spotted by The Next Web and Ars Technica and labelling Macs as potentially "spoiling your fun" and "take time to learn."

Sections on the site compare Windows 7 to Mac OS X under a number of categories including "having fun", "simplicity", "working hard", "sharing", "compatibility" and "choice", all of which are scathing in their views on Apple's popular operating system. 

Arguments against Macs include "Macs might spoil your fun", "Macs can take time to learn", "Macs don't work as well at work or at school",  "Macs don't like to share", "Macs might not like your PC stuff", and "Macs don't let you choose".

As you would expect, with the site being promotional material, Microsoft steers well clear of any positive aspects that Mac OS X has over Windows 7, preferring to target its weaknesses and even encouraging visitors to "find your perfect PC" at the bottom of each page. The site also displays a feed of tweets from Twitter which mention Windows 7 in a bid to show community feelings about the operating system.

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