Microsoft hosting hackathon in November, will trade food for apps

Microsoft has hosted a few hackathons in its day and has a sweet spot in its heart for bringing developers together. Seeing as Microsoft is about to launch Windows 8, they have a massive need for more apps and wants to help you create them.

So when you need apps, why not host a hackathon? That's exactly what Microsoft is doing with its WOWZAPP hackathon that will take place from November 9th to the 11th. The event, like previous hackathons, will allow you to get close up and personal with Microsoft and its newest platform in an effort to create applications and services. The hackathons are taking place all over the world, you can check here to see if one is nearby to your location.

Microsoft is inviting out students as well as developers and will offer up music, energy, and of course, free food. Not to mention, you are creating an app for your own benefit, so really, everyone wins in these types of situation. Also, with developers surrounding you while you work, getting your questions answered is as easy as yelling out for help...or flipping a desk over if needed.

In a nutshell, if you are going to create an app for Windows 8, Microsoft is willing to help you out and put sweet nutrients in your mouth to make it happen in November. 

Find a Hackathon near your here

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