Microsoft is expanding its feedback program, putting consumer ideas front and center

Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has shown that it does listen to consumer feedback on everything from Windows to Windows Phone and now you can add Xbox to that list.

Following its E3 keynote, Microsoft has launched which Microsoft describes as a site where “Xbox fans from around the world can submit their ideas for Xbox - any idea - and have people vote on it”. The concept is simple; ideas get submitted to the site and can be voted up or down by the community.

Naturally, those ideas that get voted up will likely receive attention by the Xbox team and could be implemented into a future release of the platform. Logically speaking, software updates are far more likely to be considered than hardware changes as those can be quite expensive to implement.

These types of initiatives are important for Microsoft as it shows that they do listen to the community. If this site wasn’t enough evidence that they genuinely listen to feedback, then today’s E3 keynote should sway your opinion.

After the 2013 E3 keynote, Microsoft was heavily criticized for not focusing on gaming content and the aftermath was quite messy. So, for 2014, Microsoft talked about only games, nothing else, and rarely mentioned Kinect too. No mention of Surface Pro 3, Xbox Smargalss app, Windows, or even the content that the company will bring to the platform. Heck, they didn’t even talk about apps for the Xbox One either.

Microsoft has become significantly less tone-deaf after key management changes have taken place and it’s a movement that will pay dividends for the company as it pushes forward with its new devices and services model

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