Microsoft is merging the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Roadmaps

Microsoft's Ignite is taking place in just over a month and Microsoft is making some changes to its product roadmaps to coincide with the event. The Office 365 Roadmap, where customers can find information on what features and updates are being developed for the service, now says that it will become the Microsoft 365 roadmap. The change will happen in mid-September, which is just in time for Ignite to start on the 24th in the same month.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service for businesses that includes Office 365, as well as Windows 10 subscriptions and other tools, so the change is likely an attempt to bring all the information regarding features and updates to the service under one wing. The company also includes changes made to Office apps in its Microsoft 365 update recaps, so this seems like a natural move.

Aside from the convergence of information, it's unlikely that this alteration will have any impact on how the services work. Those changes, should they exist, will be heard of at Ignite itself, as has happened in the past. The event is geared towards Microsoft's business partners, so that's when we should expect news about the tech giant's enterprise offerings.

Source: Microsoft via Petri

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