Microsoft is rebuilding its Xbox Insider Hub app

Today, Microsoft announced that it's started work on a new version of its Xbox Insider Hub application. Not only that, but the company says that the new app will be built from the ground up. It's meant to be faster, more organized, and easier to navigate, with a "different yet familiar user interface".

One of the pain points that the firm aims to solve is that important content is hidden behind too many clicks. The idea is to get you where you want to go with less effort on your part.

Another thing that's being changed up is the way that Surveys are handled. Right now, there are different sections for Quick Polls, Ratings, and Surveys. Quick Polls are simple one-question multiple choice surveys, while Ratings are a star-based system. Moving forward, this is all going to be combined into a single section.

One thing to be aware of is that while this transition is going on, you won't be getting the 5XP rewards for completing them that you normally would. Microsoft confirmed that these will be coming back once the change is complete.

The new Xbox Insider Hub app is expected to ship in the first half of 2020, and Microsoft says that you'll be able to test it out as soon as they have a build ready.

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