Microsoft joins April Fool's with "faster" SkyDrive

April Fool's Day is an excuse for a number of tech companies, even major ones, to take some time and have some fun. Microsoft is no exception to this rule. Today the company updated its official Windows Live blog to alert the world to a new version of its SkyDrive cloud server service, SkyCMD.

Yes, Microsoft has come up with a way to access SkyDrive without the need for modern technology like a touch screen UI or even a mouse-keyboard setup. Nope, that's all done away with when using SkyCMD. Now all you have to do is head to the service's web site and type in commands the old fashioned way.

Once there you log in to the service with your real Windows Live password (you have to tell your web browser to not block pop ups first) and then you ready to explore SkyCMD. You can even turn the commands green to really get that early 1980's MS-DOS look and feel. For what it's worth, the SkyCMD April fools is actually a fully working version of the services API, so you'll learn something along the way, too.

Microsoft claims that their "entire SkyDrive engineering organization" has been working on SkyCMD for the past few months. We doubt that, but the company did go ahead and releases the source code for this April Fool's joke just in case anyone was interested in replicating their efforts.

Image via Microsoft

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