Microsoft kills the Surface RT branding for new Surface

When Microsoft announced Windows RT, many criticized the company as it was incredibly close to the WinRT branding and not to mention that they were introducing a new ‘brand’ of Windows to the consumer for apparently no reason. At today’s Surface event in New York, it became apparent that Microsoft came to this same conclusion as the company is officially calling the Surface RT 2, simply the Surface 2.

The company will continue to call the Surface Pro the Surface Pro 2 but the dropping of the RT branding is a clear sign that Microsoft is hoping to reduce the confusion of the platform.

Without the RT moniker, Microsoft will still have to educate the public that the Surface 2 is not quite a full PC replacement but that it is still an incredibly capable machine since it ships with Office installed. Windows RT 8.1 still retains the classic desktop as well which could add confusion for those who want to install legacy applications but that’s another battle for another day.

It’s good to see that Microsoft if finally starting to come to its senses and reduce some of the naming confusion it has between products and hopefully, this is only the start. 

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