Microsoft launches msnNOW trending news web site

What if you could create a news site that concentrated just on what was popular or trending on the Internet that day? You might have a site like Microsoft just launched as an offshoot of It's called msnNOW and it's aiming to give readers a one stop shop on what "news" stories are currently getting the Internet population's attention.

Of course, you may not get a lot of hard hitting news stories on msnNOW. Instead you will find items on the front page such as "Aykroyd ain't afraid to make 'Ghostbusters' without Murray" or perhaps "Depp may be searching for fresh start in L.A."  Microsoft says that msnNOW's mission is different than just spotting net trends. The site's About page states:

We scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Twitter, Facebook, Bing, YouTube and, so you'll always know what's happening with the hottest social trends and stories on the Web. Then our expert editors add key insights on why a story is trending, if it's true and where to find out more, so you'll be the most informed of your friends on the latest trends.

Microsoft says it uses "advanced technology" to help msnNOW discover breaking trends and then tosses out what it considers to be "boring", "lame" or "uninteresting" items (their words, not ours). So we guess that Kate Upton's dating life is "interesting", according to the site's organizers.

Image via Microsoft

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