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Microsoft launches new Hotmail features for all users

Microsoft has been promoting the fact that it will be adding a number of new features for its Hotmail web-based email service since October. This week, a number of new features and improvements are now live for all Hotmail users. As revealed on Microsoft's Windows Live blog, many of the new features are the same as the ones that Microsoft went over a couple of months ago.

They include allowing users to pin "flags" on emails that will stay on top of their inbox list even when they receive new emails. Another new feature allows Hotmail to detect which emails are newsletters and then "sweep" them into a separate folder. If a person wants to stop getting a newsletter they can use the “Unsubscribe” feature which will let Hotmail send an automatic message to the newsletter's server asking to be removed from their mailing list. Hotmail users also now have Schedule Cleanup, which gives users more freedom to determine when certain emails are deleted (as shown above).

The new version of Hotmail also handles photos in a different way. As the blog explains, "Hotmail gives you a beautiful photo album every time you send photos, and with our new release, you get to see that album as you compose your mail. You can even edit the title of your album right inline and add and remove photos before sending."

You can also send files directly to your Microsoft Skydrive account via Hotmail. It can even detect if you meant to put an attachment to an email but simply forgot about it. There's also a new and easier way to create and manage email folders. Finally there's a new version of the Hotmail client for Android-based devices.

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