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Microsoft launches new Metro homepage

Microsoft is currently in the process of redesigning its suite of software to have a consistent design language. We have already seen a leaked theme from Windows 8 showing the new ‘Aero Lite’ theme that is encompassing the Metro design language and now Microsoft has also changed its homepage to reflect Metro too.

The update brings with it support for IE9, although ironically they are still promoting IE8 on the homepage. But the new page brings support for jumplists and pinning and also a redesigned layout.

The update shouldn’t come as a major surprise as it is expected that all Microsoft products will eventually reflect the Metro design language to some degree. The leaked Office 15 screenshots showed a flattened look with less gloss while WP7 and Zune already support the Metro look and feel.

The ultimate test for any redesign is the usability of the new page, it is ultimately up to the end users if the new look will last, but hopefully it doesn’t follow the roads paved by Digg and Gizmodo into the UI disaster hall-of-fame.

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