Microsoft launches new stop motion animation TV ad campaign in UK for Nokia Lumia

Earlier today, Microsoft announced its Nokia Lumia 630 would go on sale in the UK later in May. However, that may just be the start of the company's push in that part of the world to increase sales of its Windows Phone devices. Today, the first of what looks like a series of TV ads promoting the entire Lumia line was uploaded on the Nokia UK YouTube channel.

The 44 second clip uses stop motion animation to get its point across in a humorous commercial that features the voice of UK comedian David Mitchell. The ad shows a couple coming back to their flat, but the male character struggles to find his wired phone charger  Even when he manages to get his hands on the cord, he's unable to connect it to his smartphone before he drops off to sleep.

His female companion, however, has no such issues with charging her Nokia Lumia smartphone. She simply places the device down on her wireless charging pad and presto; her phone is getting powered up again. It's actually one of the better ads we have seen promoting Nokia's smartphones and UK users will likely see more of these commercials in the weeks ahead.

Source: Nokia UK on YouTube via WPCentral

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