Microsoft launches new Surface site, hopes you will use its hashtag

Microsoft appears to be launching a new Surface campaign with The webpage was registered on December 3rd and does have ties back to Microsoft which makes this appear to be a legitimate site.

The website is excessively modern and is all about discovering the Surface brand and its many features. Microsoft is promoting the hashtag #uncompromise and will likely use it to track metrics to see how successful this campaign will be. The website is highly interactive and clearly promotes Microsoft’s newfound love of ‘modern’ design with live-tile like components scattered around the page and live feeds from Twitter and other sources.

Microsoft appears to be targeting all consumers with the ‘uncompromise’ campaign, as it wants users to tweet or Instagram images with business ideas using the above hashtag too.

The site is filled with success stories about how the Surface has helped businesses and consumers condense the amount of devices in their life with the Surface. Clearly, Microsoft wants to show how the Surface, out in the real world, bests the current crop of laptops and tablets.

This website is the latest effort by Microsoft to help sell the Surface brand. For the company, the Surface product line is pivotal to their ‘device and services’ model and they need the product to resonate well with consumers. We will be curious to see if the hashtag does catch on but for now, you can play around with the site at the source link below.

Microsoft will likely announce the site in the near future, but the webpage does have some test data on it which means we likely uncovered the page before it was ready for consumer consumption.

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