Microsoft launches new website to help users pick a "green" PC

While Microsoft may be moving its business model to become a devices and services company, there's no doubt that its bread and butter is the old fashioned PC. Buying new hardware can still be a hard task for both individuals and businesses, and it's made even more difficult when environmental factors such as power use and more are factored into the mix.

Today, Microsoft announced the launch of a new website designed to help people with buying a PC that has less of an impact on the environment. It's called the Greener IT Challenge, and it offers both training and tests, along with a video, to not only help people pick a "green" PC but also to properly dispose of the hardware when the PC's life is over.

In a post on Microsoft's Green Blog, the company says it tries to be environmentally conscious when it comes to its own PCs. It states:

In fiscal year 2013, Microsoft recycled over 37,000 PC’s. We have policies in place on buying greener PCs, configuring them to use the power-saving features in the Windows operating system and disposing of old machines properly so they don’t end up in landfills. In 2012, we shared a paper outlining Microsoft’s specific energy saving practices that help ensure Microsoft IT reduces the environmental impact of PCs used at the company and as a result of these practices lowered energy consumption by 32 percent, lowered the company’s CO2 emissions and saved money.

Microsoft also refurbishes many of its older PCs which are then donated to others who might be in need of computers, while also keeping them out of landfills.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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