Microsoft launches Streets & Trips 2013

It's been over two years since Microsoft has released a new version of its Streets & Trips software product. Today, the company announced the immediate launch of the 2013 Windows PC version of Microsoft Streets & Trips, which helps people plan their road trips and vacations.

In a press release today, Microsoft said that Streets & Trips 2013 has added 150,000 new miles of roads in the maps created for the US and Canada. In addition, the 2013 edition adds online user created reviews of places like hotels, restaurants and more. The press release adds:

One-click route optimization provides the most efficient route, and a fuel consumption manager helps consumers budget gasoline costs. Then, while on the road, Streets & Trips on a laptop helps travelers find necessities such as ATMs, hotels, auto services, restaurants and more, with no Internet connection required, helping plan for — or discover — plenty of fun and useful stops along the way.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 is available to purchase now via download for $39.99 or you can buy a boxed copy at the Microsoft Store website. You can also purchase a version of the software with the GPS Locator for $69.99. If you want to give the software a trial run, you can download a demo which can be used for 14 days.

Source: Microsoft press release | Image via Microsoft

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