Microsoft launches Thrive for IT professionals

In this economic downturn, IT professionals around the world are faced with challenges they never thought they would face in their careers. From reducing costs to advancing current technology, companies across the globe are looking for resources to help them make it through these tough times. We all know that Microsoft is one of the worlds most successful corporations, so the company has launched a website called Microsoft Thrive.

The website is entirely Silverlight-based, with Microsoft CIO (Chief Information Officer) Tony Scott introducing you to the program on the home page. Scott gives a quick overview of the resources featured on the website and states that he's excited about the program and that Microsoft wants to share their best practices. The resources are divided into three major categories:

Browsing through the website you will find videos, documents, podcasts, analytics reports, certification tips and training, case studies, and much more. So if you're an IT professional, Microsoft Thrive is the to go for very helpful resources for managing your IT career, enhancing your technical skills, or finding out some of Microsoft's best business practices.

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