Microsoft Live Search Rolls Out Olympic Features

Microsoft Live Search is rolling out Olympics-related features, which will all be live by the end of the day on Friday

·Olympics 2008 news scope, available in Live Search News at gives readers up-to-date coverage with additional elements such as Olympics 2008 news images.

·Olympian xRank, available at gives fans a way to track the popularity of their favorite athletes. For example, Michael Phelps jumped from number 19 to number one in the matter of 24 hours, yesterday to today.

·Olympics Videos are available at when customers search "Olympics."

·The Homepage will rotate Olympics images in the background for the duration of the games.

·Athlete Instant Answer will feature profiles of Olympians as searchers type in the first and last names of the athlete in search queries. For instance, fans can search "Shawn Johnson" or "LeBron James."

·Medal Count Instant Answer will provide an "all up" medal count by country, sport, or by country and sport when searchers type in Olympics-related keywords in search queries. For instance, fans can search terms like "swimming" or "China gymnastics."

All the features will be available in the US, while Athlete Instant Answer and Medal Count Instant Answer will be available in select countries and regions.

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