Microsoft Longhorn 64-bit Screenshots

Microsoft. Love em or hate em, they market themselves and their products extremely well - if they didn't, you'd not know, or care about Longhorn. Longhorn. It's 3 years from release, yet the mania for all new releases is as intense as Beatlemania was at it's peak. 64-bit processors. Once the territory of only the server, it's now building momentum (after the false start by Intel's crippled pacer of a processor called Itanium) in an exponential explosion catalysed by AMD's Athlon and Athlon FX 64-bit superstars.

Testing of the latest generation of Microsoft's Windows Longhorn Professional 64-bit for AMD build 4051 (yes, the PDC 64-bit release) is yours for the asking - BUT - this release is ONLY for those of you who chose to ride the ragged edge of raw computing muscle, the Ferrari of processors, the Athlon and AlthonFX 64-bit processor clan. Some of us with the effervescent Opteron may also wish to indulge, whilst those of you who are quietly pasturising your Itaniums, don't worry, we won't tell anyone on you...

Screenshot: Longhorn 64bit

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