Microsoft Lync for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad adds PowerPoint sharing support

Along with its Windows desktop client and its Modern UI Windows 8.1 counterpart, Microsoft also makes its business-themed Lync messaging and meeting client available for mobile platforms such as Windows Phone and iOS. This week, the company released new updates for both of those operating systems, adding an interesting new feature to the mix.

A Microsoft blog post reveals that the 5.3 versions of Lync for Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad now give their users a way to view PowerPoint presentations during an online meeting. This new addition should be a welcomed one as many businesses that use Lync for online chats also utilize Office software and we suspect that PowerPoint slides will be a regular sight in those meetings from now on.

The Lync update for Apple's iPhone and iPad also fully supports the new iOS 7, according to Microsoft, although there are no other details on exactly what that means. Microsoft releases separate Lync versions for the iPhone and iPad. The Windows Phone Lync update adds a way to control the app with voice commands. Users can now speak into their smartphone with the app running to join a Lync meeting and can also play a voicemail in the app.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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