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Microsoft Max Killed Off

Yesterday Microsoft announced Vista's final RTM date - and yesterday they killed the last bit of Longhorn still in Vista. Microsoft Max, the digital media collaboration/sharing and information visualization is suit is officially dead. What was Microsoft Max, and is there still hope for a media-based team collaboration software? And if Microsoft Max was already so far along, why did it have to be killed?

Quote -
Well, it’s official at any rate. Contrary to what you’ve heard, Windows Vista will not be shipping with any of the original technologies, features, capabilities, or subsystems originally promised. First it was the real Aero – complete visual control over one’s system. Amazing graphics, sidebars that were a part of the Windows Core, Aero Diamond. Then it was NGSCB and its amazing security features – not DRM, but total privacy control; your privacy. Monad. Last we heard, it was WinFS, the king-pin feature that was promised to change the way you think of data… And now the last one is gone: Microsoft Max is dead.

Link: Microsoft Max Murdered
News source: NeoSmart Technologies

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