Microsoft "moonlights" on Google Apps in parody video

Remember Moonlighting? That's the TV "dramedy" from the 1980s that launched Bruce Willis to stardom and reignited Cybill Shepard's acting career. This week, Microsoft launched a new parody video "Googlighting"," that uses the Moonlighting TV show as its basis, complete with a revamp of its theme song, to go after Google and its Google Apps online productivity software suite.

The video has a guy who looks a little like Willis' character of David Addison taking to someone who kind of looks like Shepard's character Maddie Hayes. The man, who is supposed to represent Google, is trying to sell the woman on Google Apps but the woman is hitting him with questions that poke holes in Google Apps, including its ever changing feature set, its limited use without always on Internet support and more. It even suggests that Google might even retire Google Apps at some point, much like how the company has retired a number of other services over the past year.

The video is very much like the one Microsoft launched last July against Google's Gmail. It also shows that Microsoft is not letting up in its constant attacks on Google and its services. That includes Microsoft's claims that Google goes around Internet Explorer 9's privacy systems. Google has since claimed that IE9 uses a privacy system that is not supported by a large number of web sites.

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