Microsoft My Phone update and feature request(s)

Microsoft My Phone Team has announced that an update is available for My Phone application to address some of the known issues. Users will receive a prompt to download and install the update the next time their phone syncs with their online account. The update can also be obtained by visiting the My Phone installation page from the phone's browser. My Phone service will stop working if the update is not installed within 7 days of receiving the prompt.

Meanwhile in another blog post by the My Phone team, the team has acknowledged some of the great feedbacks discussed on the forums. Based on feedback, the following feature requests will be taken into account in the future plans of My Phone:

  • Tighter integration with Windows Live services so that all personal data is consolidated in one single view.
  • Support synchronizing additional data along with flexibility to select folders and files from the phone for syncing it with the service and also providing the option to sync Contacts, Calendar and Tasks even though they are managed by Exchange/ActiveSync.
  • Improving the overall usability and experience of the My Phone web site

When Neowin reviewed My Phone, we ended up with the same feedback

My Phone service is slick, great if you want to backup and restore your Windows Phone completely. Though you cant select your custom folders in the Windows Phone, you could very well include storage card (photos,videos,music,documents) if any to sync. You cannot sync contacts, calendar and tasks to My Phone service if its already set up to sync with an Exchange Server. The sync process was pretty quick and I was able to see the synced items in the web immediately. Currently, My Phone service storage is only 200 MB, but it would be certainly useful if the storage is increased in the near future. I would love to see Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Skydrive, Windows Live Contacts integrated into My Phone.

It is interesting to see that many users want the same features to be integrated with My Phone service.

Are you a My Phone beta user? How has your experience been so far?

Feel free to put in your mini-review and feedback(s) in the comments

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