Microsoft NL giving away WP7 devices in exchange for 3 apps

HTC Surround Windows Phone

If you live in The Netherlands and develop apps for a living (or hobby) and don't yet own a Windows Phone or want a new one, this could be right up your street.

Microsoft NL have launched an interesting project where developers can apply for a limited stock of free Windows Phones to develop apps on for the device; all that is required is that you submit your first app within the first month of receiving the phone, and a total of three before 29 February 2012.

If you fail to submit an app within the first month, and three to the Marketplace before the February date you'll be required to return the phone to Microsoft.

Microsoft has teamed up with HTC for this project, who are supplying the HTC Surround to developers free of charge. A developer account registered using your Live ID is required, and Microsoft will be using that information in the account to monitor progress.

Microsoft is really pushing for quantity in the Marketplace, with just over 40,000 apps available at the moment compared to the iTunes App Stores' 500,000; and what with the recent news that app developers can earn more at the Marketplace than at the Apple, what better initiative can there be than giving away the devices that power the apps to the developers who are creating them.

Neowin member Bamsebjorn also comments that a credit card is required to register at the app hub.

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