Microsoft: No Halo 4 for the PC

Microsoft may have had their biggest Xbox 360 first party game launch of all time this week with the release of Halo 4. However, don't expect the sci-fi shooter from developer 343 Industries to make an appearance on the PC.

The Penny Arcade Report contacted Microsoft to ask if there were plans to bring Halo 4 to the PC platform. The response from a Microsoft spokesperson was disappointing: "Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand the franchise and share the Halo experience with as many fans as possible, we do not currently have any plans to port Halo 4 to PC."

Halo: Combat Evolved, released for the original Xbox in 2001, finally came to the PC, via Gearbox Software, two years later and proved to be popular and got solid reviews. The same cannot be said for the PC port of Halo 2. The game, released first for the Xbox in 2004, took even longer to reach the PC. It was launched in May 2007 as a Windows Vista exclusive. It received poor reviews and poor sales. Microsoft has not bothered to port any of the other Halo games released for the Xbox 360 to the PC.

Source: Penny Arcade Report | Image via Microsoft

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