Microsoft, now is the time to promote Bing maps on iOS

A big event has occurred today, no not that one, where Apple is dumping Google Maps across its popular iOS platform. In place of Google Maps, Apple is utilizing its own mapping solution that depending on where you are, ranges from awesome to embarrassingly bad.

When consumers can no longer trust a product will work in all situations, no matter their location, an important hesitation is built around using a application at a critical time of need. Sure, it can be weaned over time but Apple is playing a dangerous game as Google Maps on iOS was pretty darn good.



But, seeing as a Google Maps app is not available for iOS 6 and Apple’s solution is good, but not great, Microsoft has an opportunity here to promote Bing Maps, which you can get on iOS 6 right now.

Bing Maps has long been considered to be on parity with Google Maps and is certainly ahead of Apple’s homegrown solution, for now. For Microsoft, they have a chance to promote Bing Maps to iOS users and the opportunity is ripe, but will they act in time? 

Google now finds itself at awkward point in time, do they release a stand-alone application for iOS 6 to keep end users happy, or do they not cave to Apple and keep Google Maps locked to Android? Either way, Google Maps cannot be had on iOS 6 at this time which leaves only two options for consumers, Apple and Microsoft.

Download: Bing App for iOS

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