Microsoft offers help on getting Windows 8 apps published quickly

So let's say you want to try your hand at making an app made especially for the "Modern" UI of Windows 8. If you are a reader of Neowin, you might actually be doing this right now. However, all those apps must be submitted for approval to Microsoft before they can be sold in the Windows Store. So, how do you make sure your app gets the official "thumbs up"?

Since the launch of Windows 8 four weeks ago, Microsoft has been tracking why some apps fail to be certified for the Windows Store. In a recent blog post on the Windows 8 app developer blog, the company says it has found some recurring patterns and offers up a few tips to app creators to make sure their app goes through the approval process more quickly.

One of the tips is that if the app is network capable, developers must have some kind of privacy agreement. This is actually a new clarification for Windows 8 app certification. The blog states, "We made this change because we want customers to be comfortable with how you handle their personal information. Any app that connects to a network has the potential to transmit personal information."

Microsoft also claims that it wants quality apps in the Windows Store. It states, "Apps that offer very minimal value will be rejected—such apps can hinder discovery of quality apps, which in turn hurts customers and developers alike." Windows 8 apps must also be fully functional when they are published. In addition, the app's description in the store should be accurate. Windows 8 apps must also be properly localized for the markets that they will be sold, including localized screenshots for the app's description page.

Source: Windows 8 app developer blog | Image via "Cereal Bawks"

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