Microsoft offers its congrats to Sony on its European PS4 launch

Microsoft sent over congratulatory messages to Sony for its North American PlayStation 4 launch two weeks ago, and today, Microsoft is doing the same for Sony's release of the PS4 in Europe.

The official Xbox UK Facebook and Twitter accounts sent out identical messages today offering Sony a friendly welcome to the PS4 in Europe, adding, "It's a great time to be a gamer." In addition to 18 countries in Europe, Sony also released the console in Australia, New Zealand and 10 countries in Latin America today. The PlayStation 4 has now launched in 32 markets, versus just 13 countries for the Xbox One.

Microsoft has yet to announce when and where their new game console will be released next, but Sony already has plans to expand the PS4 to even more countries in mid-December, including Southeast Asia territories like Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more.

The PS4 will launch in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa on December 13th. It is also scheduled to be released in India sometime next month. Sony will launch the PS4 in its home country of Japan on February 22nd.

Source Xbox UK Facebook and Twitter accounts | Image via Microsoft

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