Microsoft offers MSN Editions for different news pages

When people go to the front page of their favorite general web news site, it sometimes can take a little time to get to the news they really want to read. Microsoft has decided to give visitors of its news site a little bit of variety in terms of selecting the kinds of news they want to see on its front page.

Today, Microsoft announced MSN Editions, a new way to customize the page with three different types of news. As explained on the blog, Microsoft said that visitors can select which front page they want to see: Entertainment, News or Sports.

The blog post adds:

Select your MSN Edition from the "Content Options" link, located in the upper-right corner of the page. When you move your mouse over "Content Options," you'll see a menu where you can change your Edition or get back to the default page.

So if you want to see more news about the US presidential election, you can click on the News content option. If you want to see more news about NBA basketball star Jeremy Lin, it's the Sports content selection. Finally, if you really want to find out more about the latest on The Hunger Games movie, your choice should be for the Entertainment section.

Image via Microsoft

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