Microsoft Office 2013 beta rumored to be coming next week

Earlier this month, Microsoft showed a rare live public demo of the Windows RT version of Office 2013 at its TechEd conference in Orlando. Unlike Windows 8, which has now seen three pre-release versions available for the public to download and use, it has yet to offer any public pre-release versions of Office 2013 (it has released what it called a "Technical Preview" of Office 2013 to select developers and partners in January).

Today, the Dutch-based website claims, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has completed the first public beta build of Office 2013 and that the public beta of the next version in Microsoft's popular productivity software suite should be released sometime next week.

So far, Microsoft has referred to Office 2013 under its code name of "Office 15" when discussing the software in public. Microsoft has revealed that it will include a version of Office 2013 on all Windows RT devices, including its own Microsoft Surface tablet. The regular Windows version of Office 2013 may not be released in its final form until the first quarter of 2013, a few months behind the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Thanks to T. Hochstenbach for the tip


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