Microsoft opens pre-orders for 'Day One' Xbox Live Gold membership

By all accounts, pre-orders of the 'Day One' edition of Microsoft's new Xbox One are doing pretty well. Amazon reported that it had sold out of its allocation of the console (and indeed of Sony's PlayStation 4) earlier this month, while Best Buy also ran out of pre-order stocks before resuming sales

The console isn't the only thing that's getting the 'Day One' treatment. Microsoft has now launched the 'Day One Xbox Live Gold membership, with pre-orders available immediately. So what's so special about this special edition package? 

Well, for the $59.99 price, you'll get a standard 12-month Gold membership, along with a "commemorative Gold membership card" and a digital copy of the game Killer Instinct: Round One, in which you'll be able to exclusively play as the Shadow Jago character. 

We'll let you be the judge of whether or not that's a good deal, but it's important to note that despite the shared 'Day One' branding, it's not a mandatory purchase alongside the Xbox One. If you've already got Xbox Live Gold membership, it will extend to your Xbox One without any further charge for the duration of your membership. If you don't yet have Xbox Live Gold, but you're getting an Xbox One, promotional deals can often be found elsewhere for purchasing Gold membership. 

Source: Microsoft Store via Reddit | Image via Reddit

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