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Microsoft: Pac-Man: Championship Edition is worth 800 points

Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live has spoken out amid complaints from some users, explaining why Pac-Man: Championship Edition costs 800 Microsoft Points, unlike most 'retro' titles which are half the price.

Speaking on Gamescore blog's Lunchtime Conversation, Greenberg said that, although some Xbox 360 owners are unhappy with the price point, he felt the game was worth the cash: "Namco came to us with what they thought the content price should be and I do not disagree with it costing 800 points. There's actually a lot of work from a lot of people to bring it all together."

He explained that, unlike most retro titles on Arcade, Championship Edition isn't simply a graphical update for a classic game. Instead, plenty of effort has gone into adding new modes, new mazes and high-definition graphics that take full advantage of widescreen TVs.

Greenberg also revealed how proud Microsoft was to have been supported by Namco-Bandai and to see Pac-Man's original game designer Toru Iwatani create brand new levels for Championship Edition before he retires from the videogames industry and starts teaching.

"I think Pac-Man: Championship Edition will go down in history," said Greenberg. "It's Toru Iwatani's gift to the world, even the hardcore gamers have been blown away by how good it is."

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