Microsoft: Paying Windows 8 app makers is just a temporary program

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched a new program called Keep The Cash that gives app developers $100 for each app they submit to the Windows Store section of Windows 8, and another $100 for each Windows Phone app they submit. App makers can bring in a total of $2,000 in this program.

The program was clearly launched to boost the number of apps available for users of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but is this something that Microsoft plans to keep doing? Microsoft seems to say, "No". In a statement sent to, the company said:

We believe the best apps come from those partners who are invested in the platform and own their experience now and in the future. Of course, we are always working to spark creativity with new developer audiences and sometimes try limited incentives or contests, like Keep The Cash. However, it is not representative of an ongoing program.

Indeed, the promotion is supposed to end on June 30th, or if Microsoft accepts 10,000 apps into the program, whichever comes first. However, that also doesn't mean that Microsoft could not launch another promotion or contest similar to Keep The Cash in the future. The question is how often Microsoft will have these kinds of contests and how truly effective they will be to bring in new Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps that are quality creations.

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