Microsoft plans to "pick a fight" with Windows Phone ads

Microsoft has been promoting Windows Phone through more unconventional means such as the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign. However, that may change soon and Apple and Google may have to go on the defensive. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft plans to increase the number of ads it will run to help promote Windows Phone.

It's no secret that Windows Phone's market share is well behind that of iOS and Android. Aaron Woodman, the director of Windows Phone, feels Microsoft needs to make sure its voice is heard as well. He states, “It doesn’t feel like we’re really pushing apart from the competition. We need to go pick a fight.”

The Smoked By Windows Phone campaign, which recently started running more formal online video ads, will also be expanded via TV ads in the future, Woodman states, "We’ll do TV spots, the question is where. Microsoft is patient and willing to use deep pockets, but we’re also respectful of shareholder value so we want to pick appropriate countries and spend levels."

It will be interesting to see if the Smoked campaign, which shows Windows Phone devices competing against other smartphones in speed challenges, will have the same impact as the viral campaign, which began at CES 2012 in January.

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